Moku No Sho

Main Lobby


Moku No Sho is luxury onsen under the Tsuruga group that has been built around the historical Kobu Onsen. If you come to Niseko and want to experience the best powder in the world and authentic luxury Onsen experience at the same time, then Moku No Sho is the perfect choice for you. Hotel is located off the main road surrounded by forest. After entering the main lobby, I was immediately taken away by the unique atmosphere of this place lit with dimmed lights. It feels like a peaceful sanctuary that only a few people are allowed to enter.  Hotel interior is very tastefully decorated with dark wood, leather and simple art pieces. Moku No Sho offers great privacy and we have rarely met other guests during our stay. Most of the time we felt like royalty roaming historical onsen of imperial Japan, with a modern touch of course. If you want to book, just check out this link for availability and pricing.



The highlight of the hotel is its fireplace lounge. It is also the only area where you can (very rarely) bump into other guests. The lounge consists of an open fireplace surrounded by comfortable sofas. Free tea and marshmallows for BBQ in the open fire are served. It is a perfect place to relax after long day on the freezing slopes of Niseko. Tall french windows provide amazing views of the surrounding forest and amplify the feeling of cosiness around the fireplace. It surely was once in a lifetime experience.


The rooms are simply fitted with clean Japanese style furniture. We have chosen the suite with private onsen and we definitely did not regret. Although the price tag is not cheap, the value we get from the private hot spring in our room, that could be enjoyed in the morning, after skiing and before sleep, was priceless. The only objection is that in the winter the balcony is overfilled with snow that partially obstructs the forest views.



The dining experience in Moku No Sho was totally unique and it was something that I have never experienced before. For breakfast and dinner, we were seated in a private dining room and the food was served in turns based on the daily set menu. Once again, we felt like nobility in imperial Japan dressed in the traditional Japanese kimonos. The quality of food was outstanding, especially the famous Kobe beef and milk products sourced locally in Hokkaido.